Darkfield Microscopy

(Live Blood Cell Nutritional Observation)

Diane L. Victor

Traditional Naturopathic Practitioner

A lens from microscope used in medical laboratoryDarkfield Microscopy is a way to observe what is physically happening within your blood to determine whether conditions exist which may be adversely affecting your health. The advantage of this analysis over standard blood tests, which detect chemical changes and take counts in the blood, is the ability of Darkfield Microscopy to show the blood in its live form, thus detecting nutritional imbalances — many times when the imbalance is in its infancy. Diane no longer utilizes this form of analysis as it has been mandated by CLIA that Darkfield Microscopy, by default is now considered a medical complex laboratory procedure. As a sideline however, please know that research is not within CLIA’s authority.  Before it was mandated as such, Diane had been working with Darkfield for many years thus allowing her a clear perspective of what goes on in the body..  Diane now utilizes her gained knowledge to gather the information through muscle testing on the blood.  She may also recommend standard panels, such as urine and stool tests, utilize kinesiology as well as read your pulses. Within her suggestions, Diane may also suggest natural life changes such as adding Meditation, exercise or any number of other natural adjuncts.  In some cases, Diane may recommend a Chiropractor, MD, or other alternative practitioners to ensure optimum results for wellness. This allows for a wholeness program that is directed to your current needs. Diane also listens to what you have to say regarding your symptoms — both present and past — and your genetic history, thus getting to a clearer perspective.

When you begin a nutritional program, the changes from test to test are visible both through how you feel and muscle testing. Some changes can occur within minutes, while most occur over time. The blood is one of the main pathways for toxic elimination, so you can  feel the process of your body’s detoxification. The health and level of activity of the immune system and red blood cells is one thing that can be felt in this process. Darkfield Microscopy is still available for research in many aspects.

How it Works

The test is gentle compared to most lab tests. Using a powerful microscope, the lab technician will single out and grade conditions in your blood that can negatively affect your overall health. A drop of blood is taken with a sterile, disposable lancet from your finger and put onto the slide. When you bring the lab test to Diane or any other practitioner that understands Darkfield, you can begin to understand how nutrition relates to your health and well-being. Your Practitioner will begin the education process and provide you with recommendations for diet and lifestyle changes to help bring your body back into balance. As stated before, with certain conditions you can begin to see the changes in your body within a very short span of time. This is true prevention at its best!  Benjamin Franklin once said, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” and Diane absolutely agrees, as this process represents a deep sense of Self Love!

Examples of What Might Be Found In A Live Blood Cell Lab Test are as follows:

Normal blood.

dark_normalIn healthy blood the red blood cell is round, evenly shaped, with a strong cell wall that   illuminates. The cells are open and free flowing within the plasma. This is important as the red blood cell plays a large part in the delivery of oxygen and nutrients throughout your body. The plasma is clear of toxic debris and gives the appearance of a black or clear background with a few fat globules floating within it. This watery plasma, also contains organic acids, glucose, hormones and salts. Plasma serves as a medium for circulating the suspended blood components throughout the body’s network of arteries, veins and capillaries. It delivers nutrients to the tissues and organs, transporting minerals, hormones, vitamins and antibodies; and removing waste products.

Thrombocyte Aggregation.


Thrombocytes are platelets which normally flow easily through a healthy blood vessel, however they can adhere to the walls and rough surfaces of a damaged vessel. The resulting buildup of platelets can cause small clots and a narrowing of the blood vessel, leading to impaired circulation.

Protein Linkage


Protein linkage provides a clue that the body is having a difficult time absorbing protein. The protein can either come from ingested food or from the body’s own system (catabolism). This condition indicates a protease deficiency, but can also be caused from not eating enough protein. A sugar imbalance can also be indicated by this condition.


dark_crystals_1 dark_crystals_2 dark_crystals_3Crystals may appear red or yellow due to bowel and/or liver toxicity, constipation, leaky gut, and/or the presence of heavy metals. The inability of the body to absorb calcium or the leaching of calcium from the bones may also be seen in this state.

Crystals may appear red or yellow due to bowel and/or liver toxicity, constipation, leaky gut, and/or the presence of heavy metals. The inability of the body to absorb calcium or the leaching of calcium from the bones may also be seen in this state.

Rouleau and Erythrocyte Aggregation

Adark_rouleaulso known as blood sludge, this is the process of red blood cells sticking together. It is the result of physical or mental stress, the presence of abnormal proteins, or a diet high in saturated fat. This sludge results in poor circulation of the blood which decreases oxygen and nutrients available for the body to use. This can lead to fatigue and weakness of the body. Ingesting large amounts of protein or having difficulty digesting proteins may create this stressful state.

Fungal Forms

dark_fungal_1 dark_fungal_2

These forms may indicate intestinal fungus overgrowth. Some fungal infections are common in people using antibiotics or drugs, diabetics, or those with a diet heavy in carbohydrates and sugars. Fungal forms may also be evidence of pH imbalances in blood.


dark_plaqueAlso considered a crystal, plaque can contain unused or unstable substances in the blood that have adhered to each other (such as unhealthy calcium, toxins and fat material). This buildup can cause hardening of the blood vessels and the slowing down of blood flow to various parts of the body.

Neutrophil Macrocytosis


Neutrophil Macrocytosisis is large stagnant white blood cells with large holes. It is an indication of the Neutrophil having absorbed too much toxic waste. Toxic waste could be an infection, stagnant lymph, and/or collections of cellular debris.

Poikilocytosis  (Free Radical Damage)


Poikilocytosis are deformed red blood cells. The cell membranes contain unsaturated fat and other unhealthy fats creating oddly-shaped cells. The deformed cells may also be seen due to the fermentation of toxins in the liver, heavy metals, radiation, and other toxic chemicals. These conditions can lead to oxidation, which is the ultimate culprit in Free Radical Damage.