My Elemental Story


My Experience with the Sacred Elements has been monumental to my life, even though as a human it seems like I am at the beginning stages.  Upon my spiritual awakening about 40 years ago, I was shown the True Power of who I Truly Am.  The process included being true to myself, my true healing powers, as well as being guided to climb a mountain which was quite an experience, etc.  As I was guided through the process with my connection to the Elements, though I didn’t know what it was called then, it became clear that I was here to bring Higher Healing attributes of Divine Love, Light, Truth, Peace, Harmony, Good Will, and so much more to our Earth. Since then, of course I have found that there are many of us on Earth doing the same thing.  Then my life shifted, and I began working with Darkfield Microscopy, became a Traditional Naturopath, not only working with EMF Radiation and its effect on the earth and all living Beings as well as working with clients nutritionally.

Another shift came when I began working with Derek O’neill as my teacher.  Around 2014 I was Initiated into the Five Elements which again expanded my life!  I moved to Ashland Oregon which I had been wanting to do for years with many other expansions in my life occurring also. In 2017 I was strongly guided to teach an expansion program on the Five Elements which took me a few months to put together.  In 2018 I held my first Five Sacred Elements Expansion Program.

Through this process I have realized that the Construct of the 5 Elements in all its Wonder, everything we are and are capable of being, light or dark, are innately present within the Elements and all it implies, are within us! Through this understanding, it becomes obvious that within our essence we are one with all that is.  It is only when we forget who we are, think of ourselves as ‘know it alls’, and take for granted and abuse the beautiful Earth we live on, the water we drink, the air we breathe, the fire that inspires and transforms, and the Essence and Power of Ether (Our Divinity) that we loose site of ourselves and the true meaning of life.

So I found that by trusting and treating myself and all  with the respect we innately deserve, while at the same time being committed to our Light, Growth, & Well-Being, we find that the Peace and Oneness we seek is there, right within us. With that said, I realize we come here to learn and be challenged, as well as our being presented with ways to transform our old patterns of thinking and acting, finding that Love and Peace within Ourselves.  The Elementals when purified is that process, and by working with the Elementals with Open Minds and Hearts, we can transform and consciously grow to be true to our own True Self with ease and grace.

I, Diane, am a student and a teacher.  No matter what the Elemental Factor(s) I am presently working on, I am a student.  Also as I teach, I grow, mature, and find deeper miracles in my own life as well as assist others to find their own miracles.  It is an amazing Gift in my life and I am Truly Grateful.