Fourth Annual

The Five Elements Expansion Program


Expanding the 5 Elements within ourselves will always bring us to our true meaning of life, a step or leap at a time, depending upon the moment, when we are sincerely wanting to expand our lives and all aspects in us are ready.  When working with the Five Elements, as we focus our lives with a deep, sincere Heart, we begin to recognize a deeper level of who we are as individuals, expanding our lives in joy, happiness and authentic living. This is not always easy as it is a healing process as well as an expansion process, for we cannot do one without the other. This includes a more conscious understanding of ourselves and the truth that we are all one.  For instance, with each time I work with the Five Elements I find myself cleansing, growing,  nurtured and nurturing with my life expanding.  It is an amazing life!

This process is not for the exaggerated ego, in fact, I have found the ego will resist at times where we have deep patterns, which hold us back in certain areas of our life. Yet there are many more times we can smile bigger, play more, and catch a falling star… So sticking through it brings Many Blessings, and we can live the conscious and happy lives that we came here to do!  I believe that this process is about learning to Deeply Love and Accept Ourselves and All, bringing Our Light and Love to the world and beyond! This is the process of our lives!  Lets make it be worth it!!!

The Five Elements Expansion Program Includes:

  • First Day – Opening  Workshop (This Meditative Workshop with the Masters and Your Higher Guides and Teachers is the opening of the actual Expansion Program).
  • Five  21 Day Meditations (each Element has a Meditation that is accomplished for 21 days in succession – This series goes for 105 Days or longer)
  • Weekly Support Calls including Consciousness of Well-Being and More
  • 1 to 2 Integrative Outings
  • Completion Celebration

I hold the Five Elements Expansion Program once a year, beginning in March, going through to about the end of June to mid July. We hope to see you there with your Open and Sincere Heart and Mind!



What do you Personally want?  What is your True Heart’s Prayer?  

What is your Soul’s Higher Purpose in this Life?


Pertinent Information will be supplied at the beginning of the year

  Beginning Date:  March 21, 2021

 Cost:  $333.00

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