Diane’s Story





   Welcome Everyone,


My research began approximately 17 years ago when I purchased my first mobile phone. I loved the phone and the freedom it supplied. However, after a short time of being on the phone I would feel a sensation, like my brain was cooking. At that time it was the only way I knew how to describe the feeling. I began telling people what I was experiencing and realized very quickly that others did not understand. Due to the fact that I was already a Naturopath and Darkfield Microscopist, and with the understanding of many natural principles of how nutrition affects the state of the blood, I decided to find the truth in what was going on.


Immediately my research began! First on the internet just to see what may be causing it. As I knew nothing about emf radiation before my research began, I was surprised to find what came to the forefront of my search. EMF Radiation became the main focus of my studies. With my Microscope in hand and Universal Guidance on my side, all pieces leading to finding the Truth were put into action, and my work took hold.


Next, I did find a product which took the sensation away almost immediately, and I decided there was no need to go further with my research…there seemed to be an answer, thus I resumed my naturopathic work as usual. However, within a couple of years the sensation returned and my research once again became a strong focus with even more determination to find lasting protective solutions.


clinically.click-copyOne month after my web-site became live, I received a phone call from a company asking me to do research for them.   I agreed to meet with them seeing if it was a good match. At the end of the meeting I asked the Scientist who developed the technology one last question, “what do you want me to find?” Fredrich’s (scientist behind the technology) reply was “The Truth”. My research in that moment restarted.   In November of 2009 I created a specific test using Darkfield Microscopy that would show two (2) truths. First, what is emf radiation doing to the human body and secondly, is the E-Mune Chip (now the Cel-Factor Device, with a name change only) working? You will find a sampling of results in the article 2009 EMF Research.


In 2011 the same team participated in a Clinical Double Blind Study at Jasper Clinic MI. The exact test that was used for the 2009 research was used for the clinical study. The results showed the same with varying degrees according to the state of health of each individual.


Both tests as well as the years of examining clients blood always showed the same…After being on a cell phone for 15 minutes with no protection, the blood always looked worse than the base line. After using the cell phone for the same amount of time with protection the blood stayed the same or even improved in some cases.  Accumulated data has continually shown a significant pattern both with no protection and protection with the Cel-Factor Device.



When our tests were completed, and Jasper Clinic assessed the data, we received results found to be 99% accurate. Within a short span of time Cel-Factor received a call from “The Royal Scientific Society” which is a prominent research center in Jordan. They wanted to test the Cel-Factor product using their own people and equipment with the same type of test.  They used the Thermography Test and their results were equivalent to ours, showing 74% to 75% in SAR reduction and as an outside credible source, confirmed the efficacy of our results.  Darkfield Microscopy was not used in their test as they did not have the people who could do the test, however in our test at Jasper Clinic we used both Darkfield Microscopy and Thermography. Both tests showed adverse results when on a cell phone that was not protected and yet when using the Cel-Factor Device the reduction of trauma to the body was greatly lessened.  Both tests results compared equally and we received 99% validation in our findings.


For this reason, as well as my own intuitive guidance, I believe in this product.  It is a guaranteed natural and easy way to greatly reduce the effects of your wireless cell phone, computer, and other such technologies in your immediate personal space.  Is it an end-all solution? No. But with good dietary habits,  the right supplements, and a natural stone called Shungite, I believe that our personal domain can be adequately protected.  As we all know, there are other concerns about EMF radiation that I have written about, as well as new upcoming topics . Until we have a complete picture, however, it is best to protect our body from the immediate ongoing threat that we know is in close proximity to us most of the time.  That is our first step! I believe the industry will catch up and begin to utilize clear methods at the source to protect people, animals, and all life forms, but until then, it is up to us!