Wellness In A World of EMF

EMF Solutions are various in nature.  The trick is to find ones that truly work in their own right and the ones that work for you.  I have found that true research proves out both ways…Things that work and things that do not work.  Over time I personally through my research have found natural resources that have proved out in different ways.  I am sure there are more, however I have not gone further than these as they have worked consistently when used correctly.  With that said, remember every person is different so please feel the truth of what is right for you.    Everything I am suggesting is a part of the picture, so your body may only need a part of the following, again please utilize your discretion and remember that the source and potency of what you decide upon makes a huge difference as to its effectiveness.

  • At Night Turn off all of your technology when possible or at the very least put it in the other room or on airplane mode.
  • Do not carry it directly next to your body if at all possible.
  • First and foremost remember your daily nutritional diet.  Eat at least half of your diet as organic Vegetables with a plentiful portion of dark leafy greens for antioxidant value.  This will bring up your pH and allow everything else to work at its optimum value.  pH is a science within itself, so for a full look at your true pH i would advise having a session or doing further research.
  • There are a few devices that go right on your phone and other technology (laptops etc).  Careful though there have been many different kinds of devices clinically tested and many have been less than 40% SAR reduction and some as low as 1%.  The ones I recommend are a minimum of 75% SAR Reduction found through the clinical double blind studies.  See under products for further information.
  • Siberian Chaga is a supplement that has high amounts of Tannin which assists in protecting from radiation.
  • Shungite is a natural Stone that has been found by science to protect from radiation on many levels.
  • Protandim is a supplement that lowers inflammation and oxidative stress.

With the use of these tools your body becomes strong in the area of self regulating and can protect from, as well as neutralize, the emf’s in your personal space.  For further information on each statement check for new articles under EMFas they come out, as well as checking the blog for short updates.