There is so much going on in our world of today and if you are anything like me, with a family or not, life can get complicated with its hard points and soft points.

On and off over the past 40 + years I have been guided to meditate on Peace and Love.  Now it is strong in my life once again.  With all the heavy energies of todays world, sometimes it is difficult to get to a place of daily meditation, contemplation and higher focus in a consistent manner.  This morning was one of those mornings for me.

So out loud, I began saying with a kind yet commanding voice “Inner Strength of Divine Love and Peace,  for my Personal Self and the World.”  Over and over again and it worked!  So I decided to write, letting you know one way that worked for me.  What works for you to get to what really matters?

Our Peace Meditation is coming up in about 1 1/2 weeks.  Ever since I put my focus on Peace once again, my life has taken on new and more meaningful ways, I hope yours has too!  Remember Oct 23 at 6pm.  If you can be there, wonderful, if not I hope you will sit within yourself in Love and Peace for your benefit as well as all.  We are One! If you would like to join in personally, please call me at (818) 425-9903.

With Love and Peace,  Diane