Be Aware – Natural Carcinogen

Hi Everyone, For those of you who do not receive information from the “Organic Consumers Association” I am going to send on important information when I receive it. Eye Opening!


‘Natural’ Carcinogen?
Pile of granola on a kitchen table
General Mills claims that its Nature Valley granola bars are “Made with 100% Natural Whole Grain Oats.” Given that claim, and given that there are no commercially grown genetically engineered oats (at least, not yet), you’d naturally expect Nature Valley granola bars to be free of glyphosate, right?

You would be wrong. Testing by an independent laboratory reveals that Nature Valley granola bars do indeed contain glyphosate, the key (and cancer-causing) ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup.

We thought you’d like to know. We also thought you’d agree that General Mills should be forced to stop deceiving you and millions of other consumers.

So today, OCA and our allies, Beyond Pesticides and Moms Across America, sued the junk food giant and its Nature Valley subsidiary for violating the District of Columbia Consumer Protection Procedures Act (“DC CPPA”), D.C. Code §§ 28-3901, et seq. by making “false and misleading representations and omissions” about its Nature Valley products.


Upcoming Events With Diane

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Living life can be a maze of ups, downs and all-arounds… Diane has been living a life filled with change, persevering through it all. Diane’s consistent experiencing of Spiritual, emotional, and mental growth with all that it consists of is the catalyst to all of her Events. A mother of 3, grandmother of 6 and great grandmother of 3 she is committed to a life filled with True Expansion, Love, Peace and the Alchemy of Life.  As a highly dedicated individual, Diane brings all the upcoming events to you with Love, Peace and the dynamics of Desired States of Being.

See Our Upcoming Events in the Events Center on this Site.

January – Cleanse and Nurture

February – The dynamics of right diet and drinking structured water!

March – Five Elements Event – 106 plus days of embodying the Five Elements


EMF and Shungite

mine-shungite-3                          What Is Shungite?

Shungite is a Mineral Stone found only outside of a small town in Russia.  Local people who would go to a body of water and soak. They began having such powerful healing within their body which couldn’t be explained by Scientists. Eventually a team of scientists decided to research what was it that was creating the phenomena of such powerful healing. Thus Shungite was found and the science began. Shungite is mostly comprised of a carbon named Fullerenes.  It wasn’t until Shungite was discovered that a new found carbon was stumbled on, which is Fullerenes named after the man who discovered the carbon.  The carbon form of Fullerenes are what you are used to seeing as the structure of a geodesic dome.  In mathematical terms, “the structure of a fullerene is a trivalent convex polyhedron with pentagonal and hexagonal faces.” Just a piece of information :))


Shungite has been proven to be a healer, detoxifier, and a profound protector against electromagnetic frequency radiation.

I have stated the above because of all the research I have done in the past 15 plus years emf radiation is one of the largest “tragic” components to not having long term wellness that I have seen.  Cancer is on the rise within the world, and I have seen and proven over and over that emf radiation is one of the top contending reasons for this devastation.

So let’s take into consideration that we did not know what to do before, but I am here to tell you that there are major things we all can do to protect ourselves and alleviate that scenario.  SHUNGITE is one of those main things I have found to be a foundation to wellness when dealing with emf.

EMF radiation not only comes from our mobile phones and computers, it comes from most all, if not all of the current technologies of our time. As you drive your car, take a walk, or are sleeping in your home you are bombarded by cell towers and all other technology that gives off electromagnetic radiation.  It surrounds and penetrates you most if not all of your days.  So what can we do?  Shungite is a major player as it has been proven to protect against emf radiation.  Since Carbon is the basis of all life, it makes sense that Shungite is such a magnificent tool for wellness.

For more detailed information about what Shungite has to offer you can go to products.  Each product has information on what it is and how it assists.  Also an article on ‘EMF and the things you can do’ is coming soon.

Take Care, Be Well, Stay Well

Namaste,  Diane

Toxins: Little Things Matter

Little Things Matter:  Purity Counts

images-5  It has become clear that low-level exposures to environmental toxins can result in substantial disease and disability.1 Every day we are exposed to toxic compounds — from the air we breathe, water we drink, food we eat, medications we may take, and yes, even supplementation. Some toxins, such as lead, are naturally occurring elements and may be unavoidable; however, it is the accumulated effect of all these sources that we come in contact with that may become a risk to our health. “Body Burden” is a term that refers to the total accumulation of toxins in your body. In the Fourth National Report on Human Exposure to Environmental Chemicals, the CDC reported that the average person in the United States has at least 212 chemicals in their blood and urine.2

When we purchase from responsible businesses, we need to do our part by promoting those who care and are  responsible to society. Some types of companies are not regulated by Prop 65, however it is a place to start. To assist in your choices, the State of California mandates that any company that operates in California, sells products in California, or manufactures products that may be sold in or brought into California is subject to Proposition 65.  Prop 65 requires that products be labeled with a warning when daily exposure is higher than 0.5µ. This is 1,000 times more sensitive than the FDA compliance. For more information about Prop 65 and for a list of elements listed under Proposition 65 visit the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment’s website.

Why does this matter? It matters because toxins are everywhere, and if our body’s defense system is compromised it may not be enough to support the load. Toxins especially have an impact on the developing brain of our children. Just watch this video:

The choice in products comes from a commitment that each product is as pure as possible, will do the job it is designed to do, and will do no harm.

When taking supplements, eating food, drinking water or ingesting anything, for long term health let it be as pure as possible with with the quality nutrients that nature intended.

EMF Radiation is also a huge area of major concern.  You cannot see it, taste it, or feel it but it is there and extremely toxic to you and yours.  Look soon under products as I am adding a section further educating on EMF and what you can do to protect yourselves from this type of toxicity.

Well-Being Workshop 2015

iStock_000000837874Small       “CONSCIOUSNESS of WELL-BEING”                                                                            EDUCATIONAL AND EXPERIENTIAL WORKSHOP

This workshop is for the integration of wellness encompassing such things as emotions, nutrition, and living with desired states. Create the life you want to live, Be Proactive!!!

Desired States

Wellness, Compassion, Peace, Love, Prosperity, Happiness, Integrity, Self Care, Healthy Living, taking  Responsibility, Wisdom, Well-Being, Unconditional (Divine) Love


Inner Balance Equals Outer Balance – Symptoms are only a Reflection

 What to Expect

  • Underlying causes of most metabolic disorders that cause illness.
  • How metabolic disorders affect cellular function
  • Emotional Influences that lead to illness


  • Emotions that hold you back
  • Nutrition & holistic approaches to physical & mental wellness
  • States of well-being
  • Self Love
  • Goals


  •  Bring your intention to break- through personal conditions
  • Deeply Integrate Wellness

 Join In
Come with an open mind, open heart, and commitment to your Personal Well-Being


About Diane

I have worked with Holistic approaches to Wellness including Spiritual & emotional development for over 40 years.

From my experience we begin to balance our body and mind, as we work towards, experience and live the true wellness & peace that resides within.


Workshop Information

Date:                       January, 2016  Exact Date, to be determined

Time:                       9 am  to  5 pm    (Registration begins at 8:30)


Early Registration                    Single $150.00     Bring a Friend    $200 for both

Registration after TBD            Single $200.00    Bring a Friend    $275  for both

Location:  TBD

Check soon for dates and location

For Further Information or to Register:

Online:      By Phone:  (818) 425-9903

 Event details will be emailed upon payment confirmation.


dianeBorderHi Everyone,

I had someone close to me this morning ask, what does Love mean to you? After pondering the subject, I realized my understanding of Love is simple. It is the Essence of life, The God Source, Universal Love, or whatever each person calls it. Love is pure and unconditional. As Spiritual Beings who are living on Earth as Humans, we each have our filters. These filters are the lessons we come here as Souls to learn and gain wisdom from. Through that process we find ourselves truly increasing the Love we have for Ourselves and All. With that in mind, it makes sense that everything we do leads to greater levels of Self Awareness and Love either in the NOW or later depending upon our choices, actions and understanding.

The past two months has been an amazing time in my life, filled with deeper understanding and wisdom of the POWER of LOVE. In the face of world problems, I was shown that holding the space of Love and Peace made a huge difference. For all those who held that space, each in their own way, Congrats…It worked! We held strong, Peace for the United States and ultimately the World, through making space for the right actions to take place. I feel we are being given a chance to have a greater level of peace, so keep up the good work! For myself, I am forever GRATEFUL to know the meaning and power of Love. Unfortunately, I cannot go into details of what could have transpired even though I wish I could. So please know you are making a difference and the more of us who integrate this within ourselves, the more chance of it lasting!

In my life and in my work holding that space is the goal, for myself and all who want it…Do I have my filters and challenges, oh yes! However, eliminating filters and integrating a deeper level of Love and Peace is always there.

Ultimately we can expand our consciousness with Ease and Grace. Enjoy!

Love and Smiles,


Our Raintree Forest

Unknown        Weather Patterns and the Raintree Forest

The Amazon, Raintree Forest is our water supply. A simple statement but a powerful one that I trust is real. I had the privilege of sitting in a weeklong workshop all about Self Love last year. What does that have to do with the Raintree Forest, everything because as we deeply love ourselves first, we then truly love and care for each other and the world that supports us in meaningful ways. During the week we were privileged to hear Peter Bunyard speak. He is not only a brilliant man, Ecologist, Biologist and Humanitarian, he is also one of the most humble persons I have ever been privileged to meet.

As a Harvard University Researcher, he spent most of his time working as a scientist behind the scenes. With a nagging feeling that there was something he needed to be doing of greater importance, yet not knowing what, he quit his job and began to look further. This quest took him to the Raintree Forest and ultimately to his being up for a Nobel Prize Nomination.

After having studied the problem of what was happening to our Eco Systems his quest ultimately took him to the Raintree Forest.  Realizing that there was a true connection to weather patterns and our forests he began a validation process showing without a shadow of a doubt that by cutting down our forests it is causing rain imbalances world-wide.

I am bringing this up as I feel that each of us can look at ourselves and ask, “How can I take more responsibility within my daily life  to preserve our resources?”  It doesn’t have to be big things, the more that we hold the space and preserve our right to live on earth, the higher chance our future generations will thrive…Small things can make a big difference via the ripple effect! This has nothing to do with nutrition, however it does have to do with our whole being.  My belief is that we can make a difference, each of us in our own way.  The more we connect to our True Deeper Self, so to we can connect deeper to our Earth.

For further information regarding Dr. Peter Bunyard and his work, you can google his name along with the rain-tree forest.

Namaste, Diane


iStock_000000837874Small  A Deeper Look does not just mean looking through a microscope or binoculars to see a bigger picture.

It can mean taking a look at anything to everything from a new and broader perspective.  From a negative outlook to a positive outlook.  If something is amiss in Your life or in more complex situations that we may be involved with at work, with family or other situations,  we can stop, look and imagine a different way. This is part of taking responsibility for our own life.  It is thinking out of the box and into new horizons.  Being who we are as individuals in every moment while stopping to notice what we would like to change and then begin to look at how we could begin to make the changes.  This gives us the power and flexibility to live our lives, to be responsible and to be free.  It gives us the ability to do what it takes to make those choices and changes to everything from little changes to the larger life changes in a self loving manner.

I have never met a person who does not have their strengths and their weaknesses.  Some hide their weaknesses well some do not, but it is all there. Adding to that, we are all unique individuals, meaning no two people are alike.  This can create life to be a little messy sometimes to major out of balance.  However if every person was dedicated to living from their Deeper Heart and Mind I believe that the integrity of each person would find ways to achieve harmony and love not only for their self  but for all those around them thus affecting the world as a whole.

For those who are ready to or already have begun this way of thinking and living, there are many books available on this subject.  I would love to suggest a series of short books that are based upon all of these principles yet cover everyday issues and many aspects of wholeness in an earthy and yet dynamic manner.

The series is called “Get A Grip” by Derek O’Neill. You can find the books on his web site,

We are all on our own path, it is how we go about it that makes a big difference!  What a beautiful day! ENJOY!