The sFive Elements; Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether make-up all Life.  This includes our body, the earth (even what may appear to be inert objects), the universe, and beyond, ultimately into the Absolute Purity of  Loving Oneness with God.  Without even one of the Elements, life could not exist upon this earth.  Astrology, Taro Cards, Carl Jung Psychology, and more, stems from the powerful dynamics and sacred principles of the Five Sacred Elements.  These Elementals are literally the foundation of who we are.  The Elementals allow for balance, change, growth, along with our limited perceptions  transforming into Conscious Perceptions, spring-boarding us into our most wondrous and magnificent True Self.


Our work that comes into play as we expand our lives with the elementals is being clear about our true intention.  This sense of self responsibility as well as the grace the Divine provides allows for our healing to begin.  Our healing is  energetic, emotional, mental, and physical, bringing to the fore-front our Positive Will, Attitudes, Belief Systems, and Focus coming into alignment with our Own True Self.  This natural process of working with the Elementals opens the integration of the Five Sacred Elements graciously bringing your life’s manifestation to be with clarity.  In the evolving of this process, we we begin to see more of who we are capable of being as well as the true integration thereof.  This I must say, includes our expansion in Elemental Wisdom of Ether, showing us even more of the Universal/Divine Truth of Ourselves.

With all that said, and with our sincere and open Hearts and Minds, our intentions and actions make up the difference of how we live our lives and how we can expand ourselves on every level for living a balanced, conscious, joyous, and deeply meaningful life…The Elements are a purposeful and unique blend to each creation which includes the life path associated with each persons journey.  Miracles can and do happen each and every day!

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Remember, you are More than meets your physical senses!