iStock_000000837874Small  A Deeper Look does not just mean looking through a microscope or binoculars to see a bigger picture.

It can mean taking a look at anything to everything from a new and broader perspective.  From a negative outlook to a positive outlook.  If something is amiss in Your life or in more complex situations that we may be involved with at work, with family or other situations,  we can stop, look and imagine a different way. This is part of taking responsibility for our own life.  It is thinking out of the box and into new horizons.  Being who we are as individuals in every moment while stopping to notice what we would like to change and then begin to look at how we could begin to make the changes.  This gives us the power and flexibility to live our lives, to be responsible and to be free.  It gives us the ability to do what it takes to make those choices and changes to everything from little changes to the larger life changes in a self loving manner.

I have never met a person who does not have their strengths and their weaknesses.  Some hide their weaknesses well some do not, but it is all there. Adding to that, we are all unique individuals, meaning no two people are alike.  This can create life to be a little messy sometimes to major out of balance.  However if every person was dedicated to living from their Deeper Heart and Mind I believe that the integrity of each person would find ways to achieve harmony and love not only for their self  but for all those around them thus affecting the world as a whole.

For those who are ready to or already have begun this way of thinking and living, there are many books available on this subject.  I would love to suggest a series of short books that are based upon all of these principles yet cover everyday issues and many aspects of wholeness in an earthy and yet dynamic manner.

The series is called “Get A Grip” by Derek O’Neill. You can find the books on his web site,

We are all on our own path, it is how we go about it that makes a big difference!  What a beautiful day! ENJOY!