Rising Star Sessions 

RISING STAR – Represents the Energy of the Sun… Science has proven that everything is energy. With humans and animals, energy fields operate inside our bodies (chakra system) and outside our bodies (auric system). When our energetic vibration decreases, dis-ease and imbalance can occur on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Rising Star is an extraordinarily powerful system sourced from an ancient Tibetan lineage. It works by directing energy through the client’s chakra system, working on the five elements; Earth, Water, Fire, Air,  and Ether, so that your entire being can begin to balance and heal. A single treatment starts to raise the vibration of the human energy field, to hold more life force energy, thus rebalance the body.

“Illness is a gift, because it always comes with a message. Many illnesses are caused by trapped emotions. Release your emotions and you will release your illness.” Derek O’Neill

The energy work continues after the session to clear the chakra and auric system for 21 days, moving through the 7 energy points (chakras) three times. As such, 3 weeks between sessions is best. For optimal results, three sessions are recommended for each set. Each session promotes deeper relaxation, allowing the mind to let go, so deeper issues can be addressed. Keep in mind, medical professionals should be consulted in all situations.

Also and I feel most importantly that The Rising Star has  been given to us in this time to assist in the preparation of Rising to the Fifth Dimension.

Diane is a Rising Star Practitioner for Clients, and Teacher for other Practitioners.

Nutritional Wellness

These sessions will be solely on the Foundational, and Nutritional aspects of what truly feeds your body.  It will cover the foods you eat, what you  drink, your body type, plus much more.  Nutrition is not just about what you eat, it is about the right foods meant for your body, how it burns or turns to fat, and what it supplies for long term wellness.


Integrating Greater Wellness


Integrating greater wellness looks many ways to everyone.  These sessions range widely utilizing the Foundations of the Five Elements.  Consequently, it covers all aspects of each person.  Each of us have our strengths and weaknesses, consequently each persons sessions looks different but the avenue to Wellness is always geared to the Highest, Higher, Wisest and Best Good of each person, and that of all concerned.

The foundations of the Five Elements are the Consciousness of which we live, along with our Karma (cause and effect). with all we come here to learn and grow from.  Consequently, whereever you are in your life and are willing and wanting to work on, is what is brought forth in each session.

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Diane holds private sessions on:

 Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays

Times Available:

11:30am pst,  1:30pm pst,  3:30pm pst


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Please have an idea of which type of consultation you would like, and if you are seeing me for the first time please state that.  All first time consultations run longer.



Rising Star Sessions:                      $150.00,  or  3 sessions for $399.00

Nutritional and Integrating Greater Wellness Sessions

First Consultation 1 1/2 hours:               $185.00

Thereafter 1 hour, Cost:                            $125.00