Meet Diane


As a mother, grandmother, great grandmother, and woman seeking wholeness, it has always been my instinctive desire to find ways to create a harmonious world for all future generations to thrive. Holistic health became my passion early on; I began exploring the spiritual, emotional, and physical aspects of my life, which allowed me to understand the art of self acceptance, well-being, gratitude, and peace of mind. It quickly became clear to me that with Love, all is possible.


As a child, many things made sense to me instinctively, however there was still a significant amount of mystery all around. When I looked around I saw unhappy people in unhappy places, as well as people having judgements and so much more, and I was wondered when something would come along and create positive change for myself and the world around me. It wasn’t until my late twenties that I began to realize that the change I’d been seeking had to come from within. After undergoing a partial hysterectomy, then ending up with many of the same symptoms at the hospital, I was  told that I would be on medication for the rest of my life.  It was at that moment I began listening to my true self for the first time. I instinctively knew from deep within me that I wasn’t going to be on that severe medication for long, but had no idea what I could do as an alternative.  I began to research, discovered the practice of meditation, and began a change of lifestyle and diet. Within one year I was off of the medication, and I’ve never needed to take it again.  Does that mean I never get sick, feel tired, or need a remedy to bring myself back into balance? Absolutely not. However, I’ve worked with a dynamic array of holistic and conventional practices throughout my years that have allowed me to develop a body that works in balance and synchronicity with itself, and a consciousness that holds awareness of what must be improved. I work on myself, consistently focusing on vitality in all areas of my life, while living my life.


My commitment began with my own health and emotional stresses, then gradually with family and friends. Personal Peace, World Peace, became my passion as a sequence of events supported my life and I truly became an advocate of Peace.  Through new profound awareness, it became clear to me that my Soul’s Journey was to assist Peace in this world…it began within me and ultimately assisting energetically to the world.  In 1991, my husband transitioned due to a brain tumor and the consequent effects of chemotherapy.  This devastation made me question everything I believed and i felt disilusioned, doubting my ability to truly help myself and others. Then one day, approximately two years later, I remember saying “Okay God! I Need To Be True to Myself!”  Within one month, as I stepped up and allowed the universe to do it’s job, catalytic people, including PHD’s and Practitioners, came into my life and opened up a reservoir of insights and knowledge that began my naturopathic career.  My Spiritual Path has played a huge part in my Transformation and I am forever grateful, for with this, I have found more of myself and I am now taking another leap forward. At 72, life is beginning once again…And Peace has once again become a major focus in my personal life, my work, and for bringing peace to the world.  I would like at this moment, to acknowledge the many who are on this path to bringing peace to yourself and the world.  Thank you!


One year ago I moved from my home state of California to Ashland, Oregon, and have prepared for the next chapter of this beautiful journey of life. Being initiated in the Five Elements has assisted me tremendously.  As with all of us, I have had many changes in my life.  My work, like my life, has leaped again, a beautiful approach to wellness and expansion. I’ve lived an amazing life and continue to do so with ease and grace due to my life committments, my family, friends and the Universe’s loving support.  With all this said, I am extremely grateful for all who have assisted in my journey, and also for the ability to pass on the wisdom to those who can benefit!


With Light and Love,  Diane