Each Persons Merit, A Day for Contemplation

With today being Martin Luther King’s day, it is a good day to reflect! Years ago as a young woman I was working at Litton Industries Data Systems.  I remember the day the Watts Riot  began. My husband was in the Marine Reserves and was called in.  I went to work and was completely separated from the riots as I worked through my day.  I was walking over to another building and saw a woman that had become a wonderful part of my at work experience.  With a smile I greeted her as always, ready to spend a few minutes catching up.  However when I smiled and said hi, she began to cry.  Immediately concerned, I asked what the matter was.  Her reply astonished me…Her reply was simply that I was the only person who had spoken to her that day.  You see she was the color of black.  Everyone who spoke to her normally would turn their heads and walk quietly by including her boss. She was in deep distress with good reason, as many people who she believed liked her, only saw their own fears,  judgements, and her color.  After deep contemplation I realized that a great many people saw through the filter of their own fears and judgements forgetting to see the person in front of them… They forgot that ultimately each individual, including theirself, would like to be recognized for who they truly are.  Are they kind & benevolent, reasonable,  intelligent, wise, and/or the kind of person you want to be get to know better?  With that said, throughout my life I have recognized the beautiful value of taking time to see each person, no matter color, creed, or species! Then, based on how I feel about what I see in the moment, I make decisions based on how I will be; Will I spend time with them, let them go their way, or spend the time and energy to build a relationship.  Can things change? I absolutely believe so, for there are many levels to each of us, and as we get to know and love ourselves and other people  better, we get to see what the relationship can truly be!