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4th Annual Five Elements Expansion Program


Fourth Annual 2021  Five Elements Expansion Program Given By:  Diane Victor The goal of the Five Elements Expansion Program is that each person open and expand within their own Personal Self, greater wisdom for their life.  Each person is on their own path.  I have watched this program continue to bring each person, including myself, […]


Free Conference Call – Divine Love and The Holidays

Conference Call OR

Divine Love and The Holidays Happy Holidays Everyone!  I have chosen this talk at this time as I believe in the Power of Christ's Love... And I also believe that it is a perfect time to Celebrate and Meditate on Opening to that Preciousness within our Hearts here on Earth.  True Love is not only […]


Integrative Mini-Workshops; Series II, Foundations of the Five Elements – Fire

Virtual by Zoom

Foundations of the Five Elements - Fire Sunday     December 13, 2020     5pm  PST   The foundational aspects of the Five Elements are an important part of finding wellness within our lives.  Each Element has its strengths and its weaknesses.  We thrive and balance when we find and expand the strengths within […]