YES, We Do Have A Choice !

At this time there are certain things within our society that do not seem to make sense.  One being the mainstreams lack of forethought or preventative measure when it comes to health. Most of what we are taught regarding big pharma is not viable for living in a preventative manner.  The opposite of that includes each individual taking responsibility daily for their own wellness through prevention and finding what works for their own body and mindfulness. Big pharma and big business are a large portion of what seems to regulate the principles of health based not on prevention but on what? I have seen and talked to companies who do the testing, examined their criteria and asked questions relevant to finding the truth of the Type of test they are doing. Even though I am sure there must be, never once did I find answers that proved that there were no side effects and that the drug did no major harm. In fact in most cases when asked something like “will this do harm to the liver, the answer was no.  Then when I asked, so when people with liver problems take this, it does not do further harm? The answer has been, oh, we do not allow people like that in our test!!!” As a Naturopath, I look at the preventative health as a source of assisting the body to heal itself.  Thanks to nutrition and people taking responsibility for their own body’s well-being, preventative ways of rejuvenating the body can reverse and prevent the imbalances which leads to what mainstream medicine calls illness.

With that said, I would like to now say “For anyone who wants to have Long Term Wellness, I suggest taking a responsible role, making choices that include being clear on what works, not that which covers up or even worse, takes us on a course of major unhealth/dis-ease of the body.”  Our society has been raised on quick fixes.  But are they Quick Fixes or are they Cover-Ups?  Do they cover up one thing with medication, surgery or other such antidotes creating yet other imbalances, or do they begin to reverse or enhance truly good health? Also I would like to state that I do believe that there is a time and a place for medical but that is not what I am here to talk about.

I am here to talk about GMO’s. Are GMO’s quick fixes, are they good for us, or will they do harm as we indulge over time? Through my research, experience and intuitive nature, I believe that GMO’s do create an imbalance that can be of great consequence.  Even what we think of as healthy, I’m not sure is totally healthy. Take fore instance Organic Popcorn, which has been changed over time, I find that it does not act as a fiber but can slow the internal biological workings. Whereas “Heirloom Popcorn” (the original popcorn) works within the system in a most efficient manner while also tasting wonderful at the same time!

How does choice come into this? Once we decide we want to eat healthy, non-gmo included, we can purchase and eat what we know is NON-GMO. When we go to restaurants we can go to restaurants that have organic foods.  We can ask questions and make conscious decisions! The more we as conscious individuals do our do-diligence, the more it spreads, the more we will make a difference and things can change.  Do we have to be perfect at it, of course not but the 80%/20% rule could be applied and if enough people do this, we will not only change things but we will be a much healthier society. This article is mostly for the citizens of the U.S. because many of the other countries governments are already aware and working to be preventative in nature.

What are other countries doing in respect to GMO’s.  Many European and Mid Eastern countries along with the Soviet Union are warning people.  They are made to label and in some cases do not allow GMO’s to be farmed.  The following link shows a little of what is being done.  I was amazed that the Nationalists are ahead of us in creating the space for the people to have choice.

Nationalists ponder prison sentences for selling unmarked GMO products