Diane L. Victor, N.P.

Diane L. Victor, N.P.

Traditional Naturopathic Practitioner & Life Coach

,I, Diane, am a Spiritual Being, Mother of three, Grandmother of six, and now a Great Grandmother of three!  My  life has been and continues to be full and ultimately ever changing!  So with a smile on my face and a strong purpose in life, I invite you to also iive your life fully while integrating a Higher Consciousness of Well-Being. Diane Victor’s passion for naturopathic wellness began over 40 years ago — a result of her own life experiences.  Two main things happened to begin her journey.  First she was told that she needed a partial hysterectomy, and when that did not work and other symptoms persisted, she ended up in the hospital again. The prognosis was that she would be on medication for the rest of her life. Something in her said no it doesn’t have to be that way!  So Inspired from Within, but at the time having no idea what would work, her research began, what would work…? The process of healing included dietary & lifestyle changes, and she began to Meditate … Thus her life began to change and within one year she was off medication and continues to be free of prescription drugs to this day.  Does this mean she has never taken an aspirin throughout all these years, no, but it is so infrequent that she probably could count on one or two hands how often it has been.  This was the beginning of her life shifting into a healthier state of body and mind, all through her opening her spiritual self thus integrating her life purpose of: Living and expanding in a Higher State of Consciousness, Well-Being, while providing a strong sense of Love for her self, family and all.  Diane’s experience of this is, “A true process of healing is not about being perfect, however it is about being sincere and learning to Love Yourself, Accept Yourself as well as to Love and Accept All.  Ultimately this is what brings Peace, Harmony, and Wellness, not only for yourself but for all.”   

First certified as a Massage Therapist, Diane expanded her work to include certifications in Behavior Therapy, NLP & Beyond, Darkfield Microscopy,  Doctorate in Traditional Naturopathy, Phlebotomy, research on EMF radiation, and has been Initiated as a Rising Star Practitioner and Teacher as well as into The Five Elements which she now teaches.   She earned her Certification (Doctorate) of Naturopathy from the Trinity School of Natural Health, and has been recognized as an expert in the field of Darkfield Microscopy. Her true education though, has come from many years of experience, the right education, research and Spiritual Wisdom.  This process ultimately led to her research, on EMF radiation and now the  Foundations of the Five Elements.

As an accomplished public speaker, Diane leads Wellness Workshops, gives talks on different aspects of wellness, and conducts individual nutritional, energetic and life coaching sessions. Since 1993, Diane’s expertise has matured and  assisted a diverse client base, providing nutritional, emotional, energetic and Wise counseling  to meet the needs of most clinical and non-clinical aspects of wellness.

Diane is located in Ashland Oregon and sees clients both in California, Ashland, as well as on Zoom Calls.

For questions, to schedule an appointment, or to sign up for a talk or wellness workshop, please call Diane.  Diane is also available for speaking engagements. For booking information, call Diane at:                        

(818) 425-9903


The Nonprofits Diane supports

All it Takes

All It Takes is a registered non-profit organization that cultivates leadership through active individual and team training. Their youth leadership programs teach young people at a critical life stage to practice and honor:  acceptance, compassion and respect in order to create sustainable, positive change among their peers, family members, society and the environment. Diane has assisted many times in the Leadership Weekends for middle school age students and was on the Board until just recently though she continues to support their organization.

SQ Foundation 



SQ Foundation has been closed, however the worldwide service is still ongoing and expanding… To find out more about Derek O’Neill

go to:    https://www.derekoneill.com


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