16406214_mlAs individuals, we have particular Physical, Emotional and Spiritual needs. I have found that proper nutrition and electro-energetic stimulus can support this process through balancing our bodies. My goal is to bring the very best of Electromagnetic Harmonizing technology and proper nutrition (including micro-nutritionals) to my clients. By taking responsibility for our own health and well-being, we tap into our own unique state of happiness, wellness and longevity, creating a positive ripple-effect that reaches others and the world.


Assessment of Family History (DNA Probabilities) and Current Symptoms

Bio-terrain Observation and Assessment

  • Nutritional Analysis
  • Lab Tests

Suggestions for Lifestyle Changes

Nutritional Program to Achieve a Balanced (Slightly Alkaline) pH through Detoxification and Rejuvination.

Bio-Energetic Assessment and Balancing

  • Micro-nutritionals
  • Muscle Testing
  • Rife Therapy
  • Therapeutic Supplementation

Therapeutic Foot Baths

Continued Support as Your Process of Wellness Evolves


pH Balancing

The pH (percentage of hydrogen) is the acid/alkaline balance of the body’s fluids and is a basic ‘internal system need’ for maintaining balance within the body. Without a balanced (slightly alkaline) pH, the body will always be working to create homeostasis/balance and can never be truly well. pH balancing is of the utmost importance. See Diane’s article on balancing your pH.

Neurological Disorders

When the brain is out of balance it can effect the entire body’s well-being. ADD, ADHD, Alzheimers, Parkinsons, Bell’s Palsy, and foggy thinking are just a few of the effects that an imbalanced brain produces. Unlike the rest of the body, the nutrients for balancing the brain must not only be absorbed, they must cross the brain-blood-barrier to be effective. I use the correct nutrients and ernergetic balancers to fill that need with great results. This balancing can make a positve difference in brain function and the overall health and potential of children and adults.

Weight Loss

Many factors determine why a body becomes overweight. Likewise, many factors play a part in losing weight — and it can be different with each individual. It takes balancing the body through exercise and diet to meet your body’s needs. There is always a reason why the nutrients you eat turn to fat, and that underlying reason can be reversed, thus enabling your body to be the right weight for you.

Sports Nutrition

Research has shown that athletes on the cutting-edge of sports conditioning need cutting-edge nutritional support including supplements to keep the body from depleting. Athletes now live healthier lives and compete longer. This is evidence that the level of nutrition and energetic balancing must keep up with — and extend beyond — the level of energy expenditure.

Fatigue and Stress

Fatigue can be brought on by emotional and physical stress. This stress can come from many sources including toxins in our environment, our food and our water. If we remove the stress and feed the body the correct energized nutrients, balance and energy return.

Cardiovascular Imbalances

Proper exercise and nutrition, including the correct energized supplements and micro-nutritionals, can restore balance to the cardio-vascular system. Cardio-vascular disease does not have to be number one killer in the United States.

Natural Hormone Balancing for Men and Women

From PMS to menopause to andropause (male menopause), there are natural nutrients to support the body. Your individual needs will determine which ones will work for you. There are natural, healthy alternatives!

Immune Building

With today’s influx of mutating bacteria and viruses, it is very important to keep our immune system working efficiently. Influenza (the flu), the common cold and other immune imbalances can be eliminated or, at the very least, decreased with exercise and the proper energized nutrients.

Deep Cellular Hydration

Fact: most people are dehydrated from the inside out. Even the water we drink does not necessarily get to a deep cellular level. Hydration is of the utmost importance. Water carries nutrients, sound currents & more into the cells, organs, and tissues. It also moves cellular waste out of the body. Without this process, the body becomes overly toxic and begins to dry up and deteriorate. The quality of water we drink and the nutrition we assimilate plays a large part in hydrating the body.

Deep Cellular Oxygenation

Our world used to support life with an abundance of oxygen (approximately 45-50% oxygen within our air supply). Today, in the most environmentally sound areas, we have approximately 25-28% oxygen. In the large cities it could, on a bad day, be as little as 16-18%. Life cannot survive in an atmosphere of less that 7-8% oxygen. I have found a supplemental oxygenation system that helps the body to eliminate toxins without causing free-radical damage. (Check back for Diane’s article on oxygenation, coming soon.)

Electromagnetic Harmonization

Earth is a wonderous, static electro-magnet, and every living creature depends on the flow of electro-magnetic pulses entering the body to remain healthy. This was undeniably demonstrated when we first started traveling in space. It was found that the first cosmonauts experienced up to 80% bone-calcium loss and muscle cramps when they were above the earth’s magnetic field for extended periods. This is why, today, spacecraft cabins all include a magnetic field.

With the advent of airplanes and automobiles, power lines, steel-structured buildings, metal-containing asphalt, sidewalks with steel rebars, cellular phones, and satellites circling the globe, the electro-magnetic flow that once surrounded Earth is greatly disrupted. The metals in our environment are absorbing the electro-magnetic fields, making less available to us. We all need electro-magnetic assistance for therapeutic balance. Bio-chip resonance and magnetic therapy are ways to achieve this balance. (An in-depth article on this topic is coming soon.)

Therapeutic Rife Sessions

Through light and sound vibrations, the body detoxes and rejuvenates itself. Rife’s technology works on the principle that everything has its vibrational opposite. When the vibration of pain, harmful bacteria, virus, or emotional instability is present, an opposite vibration can be introduced to neutralize the problem and create space for positive interactions within one’s self.

Rife, a scientist born in the latter half of the nineteenth century, was immersed in the research and development of vibration therapies and their connection to wellness. This vibrational technology was one of the most beneficial tools in the reversal and prevention of disease in its day. Rife is also credited with being the first person to develop a microscope strong enough to show a virus in its living form. His greatest work was seen in the early 1930’s.